About Us

Charis Farm is owned by Andy and Deedra Long. We live in Ellabell, GA. Ellabell is a really small town that is just outside of Savannah.  Andy graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Graphic Art Design, and began working in sales in the Statesboro area. I graduated from Armstrong, started teaching at our local high school, and we got married..pretty much all at the same time! We didn’t become concerned about the food we were eating until after the birth of our first child. As we started reading about how our food is produced, we became more and more dismayed by most of the information. We started with a flock of 8 Leghorns (because I had read that they were good producers of eggs and my granny wanted WHITE eggs). From there, we learned about heritage breeds and heirloom seeds, and started growing and processing chicken for our family.  To make a long story short, Andy soon felt that God was leading him to become a full time farmer so that we can be part of fixing what is wrong with our food system, and to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with. Charis is a Greek transliteration of a word that means grace or favor, and we both thought that it summed up how we feel about our lives together and our farming adventure.

Our farm is growing pretty slowly, because we are attempting to remain debt free. We practice an organic, pasture based model, and feel that is the most healthy environment for our animals, but we are not certified organic. The paperwork and fees that are required do not appear to be worth it for us right now, since this is a one-man operation. We still have a long way to go, and a lot to learn about farming, but we are committed to growing healthy food for both our family and yours.