Back to school.

We at the farm have come to the time to head back to school.  The children are heading back into a routine and so maybe the farmers will as well.  It was a wild summer and the heat is not over  just yet.  It seems to be taking a toll on our egg production.  The older hens are not laying as much as the newer ones.  I recently upgraded their living quarters and hope that will help some.  We have not been at the market lately due to egg production issues.  We hope to be there next week.  Most of the eggs we have been getting have been cracked or unusable.  We will keep you posted and hope to see everyone soon.

We have some new little ones.

I have to mama hen to be sitting on some eggs and have some in the incubator.  The ones in the incubator have started to hatch.  These will be our first chicks on the farm this year.  I plan to keep hatching some along and along until winter. Then when spring comes we will have some new layers ready to deliver those irresistible eggs everyone loves.  Take a look below.




Mama hen.

There is one hen that wants to sit on the eggs out of all of them.  I am always looking to see who is doing what.  We have our lone Buff Brahma want to sit.  This is great.  I have only one other hen do so successfully.  I am hoping that she can hatch some on her own.


There is a snake in my boot!

It looks like the right time of year for our scaly friends to be out and about.  I have been seeing one a week it seems like.  I was checking the eggs and found a visitor in the nest box.  It looked a little rounder in the middle than normal.  I brought it out the pen and held it to the top which is 6 feet.  Take a look.




Just ruffling some feathers.

We are still here and going.  You may not have seen us out and about as much as usual.  Our new chickens are starting to lay and should be ready to go soon.  We have had a hard time this year as well as last.  Last year we suffered a loss on all our turkeys and ducks and 80% of our chickens to predation.  This year has been okay so far with just a few losses along the way.  We hope to start hatching our own chicks again once they fully mature. We had half of our flock before born and raised on the farm and want to continue to raise our own.  Here are couple of pictures of the new girls checking things out.



Market News

I was trying to make it the market this Saturday, but we have not accrued enough eggs so far.  I am planning on coming the 28th.  So we hope to see everyone then.  If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.  We are always available for a chat and you are welcome to come by the farm for any eggs emergencies.  Thanks.

Some fun pictures from last year.

Here are some pictures from last year around the farm that I never bothered to post.  I am ready for spring and some sunshine to see what new adventures and wildlife we can photograph on the farm this year.  We have lots of snakes and other predators around the farm, but the snakes are the most photogenic since the usually stay still.  All of our real predators that pose life endangering threats to our chickens are not as easy yo capture on film.

If I ever get a better camera that shoots over long distances I will be able to get some good shots of our hawks that like to sit on top of the chicken tractors.  They look great through the binoculars but not a phone camera.  They like to sit up there during the day and scans the fields around looking for something to eat.

Our other predators mainly the foxes and coyotes are very hard to catch.  During the height of our pillaging last year we had several game cameras posted around the chickens and still no sign of them.  They really had their fill last year and we hope that they have moved on this year.  After losing so many of our birds last year we are going to be more vigilant than ever.

We lost all of our turkeys, duck and a majority of our layers.  We are not sure if we are going to try to raise turkeys again this year or not.  We will be deciding that soon along with ducks.  They both are harder to keep in and safe.  We were looking at quail last year and still plan to pursue that this spring.









Coming soon.

We will be heading back to the market soon.  Hopefully the weather will begin to get better and spring is just around the corner.  Our 20 layers we have left have been hard at work in the meantime.  I hope to have enough to sell at the market in a week or so.  It looks tentatively like March the 14th will be a good time to come.  Our new layers we have going up are doing great.  They are growing just fine and looking forward to greener times to come.  We are looking so see everyone back at the market.  Thanks.

We are still here.

We have had a very busy year, but one of our goals is to update you all on our progress more frequently! We have had many losses due to predator issues. We ended up losing around 80% of our animals, so this year we are hoping to rebuild and focus more on security. Our ducks had just started laying, but now we are down to one lone duck. We are hoping to order more ducks…duck eggs are so yummy! We have moved our chickens back into chicken tractors for now (we had them in a moveable fence), and are moving them several times per week onto fresh grass. We were able to hatch out some chicks, and we also ordered some, so we are hoping to have more laying in time for spring/summer. Our older hens’ laying should be picking up again soon, so we are hoping to get back to the market. You are always welcome to call and come by to get eggs, and we hope to see you all soon!

The new little ones are growing.

They have grown quite a bit during their time in the brood house.  It is still very cold outside for them so they are getting an extended stay in the warmth.  It won’t be long until they run out of room and need some more space out in the pasture.  We are down on chicken tractors right now and I need to build some new ones.  The new ones are going to be walk in so that getting the eggs will be easier.  So a new project loom on the horizon.